Concordia Seminary book box 2014

Concordia Seminary had originally planned to publish a historical hardcover book to commemorate the 175th anniversary and distribute at our 175th anniversary event on campus. Unfortunately, the book could not be completed in time for the event, but it had been considered a central component, so the idea of a book was in the forefront of the event planning from the beginning. Without the book, we needed to come up with another way to thank our guests and accomplish the goal of sharing the story of the Seminary’s history. We also had the unique challenge of inviting people from local congregations, and not just the leaders or our constituents, but entire congregations. To invite congregations, we would need to ask pastors to help us extend the invitation to our event on behalf of the Seminary, and that meant we had to catch their attention. The book box concept was born out of the need for a package large enough to contain the contents necessary to invite hundreds of guests at one time, and the desire for a commemorative book that showcased our history and emphasized the importance of this special event. Books are fundamental tools in education, and the book box package design symbolically reflects the core of our purpose as a higher education institution. The box had to serve a functional purpose, but also needed to inspire and motivate people to participate in our 175th Anniversary Celebration. Event attendance speaks to the success of the kit in accomplishing our goals for its design. We ordered additional boxes to use for future marketing campaigns and special gifts. The book box has been extremely popular and useful. photographer: Nikolai Gibbons

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